Infosession (dd. 22/12/2022)


What is the currency in Romania?

The currency in Romania is the Romanian leu. Each leu is divided into 100 bani.

When you’re buying currency for Romania, look out for the currency code RON. And once you’re in Romania, you’ll see the symbol lei used to show prices.

You’ll find Romanian banknotes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, and 500 - although the 200 and 500 RON notes are seldom used.

Do you need a VISA to visit Romania?

A Belgian identity card is accepted since Romania is member of Europe. However keep in mind, Romania is not a member of the 'Schengen area' so you will need to show your Belgian identity card at border control before departure and at arrival.

What is the best method of transportation in Romania?

During our site inspection in December 2022, the organizing committee has tested every method of transport. We can only recommend using an 'UBER' or 'BOLT' through the respective mobile apps. It will cost you between 5 - 10 EUR to get to the 'old city center of Bucharest' (best is to navigate to "Strada Lipscani 25, București" which is the National Bank where the Old Town starts).

Other means are a taxi (you will be overcharged for being a tourist), a public bus and a train (best of luck trying to figure those out in 'Romanian' as public services speak barely English). 

Hiring a car could be an option but with VERY dense traffic in Bucharest, you won't get far anyway. You will be faster by walking than driving a car, however distances can easily go up to 7 km!