Is Transylvania really the land where blood suckers suck blood in a bloodsucking coldbloodedness? Or the land of bears and magical castles? Or a travel back in time? If you are asking yourself these questions than this pré-tour is perfect for you! Pack your garlic and get ready for the adventure of your lifetime! 

This pack excludes all flights to and from Romania. All other expenses will be covered during the pré-tour (i.e. transport, food, hotel and activities) unless specifically stated otherwise.

2) JCI EC2023 BUCHAREST - Belgian Delegation

This package includes your JCI EC2023 Bucharest ticket, four nights of luxury lodging with breakfast at the "Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center" (less than 5 min walk from all official venue's), and much more. Almost every second of the conference, we will provide you with (personal) digital assistance such as walking directions, tips & tricks, restaurant recommendations from locals, and so on.

On Thursday, a typical Belgian Networking Reception will be held at a location you would not otherwise be able to go to. Last but not least, we invite you to listen about the experiences of Belgian investors who have relocated to Romania.

Tired of all the trainings, networking events, and keynote speeches? Then come on over and join us for some fun and relaxation! We are going to visit the biggest 'Thermae & Spa' in Europe (Therme Bucuresti).

In short, we have thought about everything you would need to make it an unforgettable experience!


Please note, flights to and from Romania are excluded!

Those on a limited budget can still attend the 'Belgian Delegation' program from another location in Bucharest, as well as the official JCI EC2023 Bucharest. You will be able to participate in all of our exclusive activities that will run in parallel with the official program, such as the Belgian Business reception, listening to keynotes from Belgians in Romania, and other leisure activities.


Of course, you'll also be able to enjoy the same Belgian treats, but without the convenience of a centrally located Belgian location.


Please keep in mind that you must arrange your own lodging, transportation, and flights.


REMARK w/r lodging: JCI Gent Artevelde has performed several site inspections in Romania in December 2022. We must inform you of the following: 

- We don't recommend to book a hotel in the city center (it's too far from the JCI venue's and traffic/public transport is horrible during rush hours - i.e. >+/-1 hour travel (trust us, we have tried it)

- We don't recommend to book hotels or AirBNB's with poor or average ratings. Western standards aren't yet very well integrated in Romania. Most pictures of accomodations you will get to see are seriously outdated (e.g. Monte Carlo Palace Suites are pictures dating back from 2017, Ramada Plaza Parc was renovated in 2018 and is seriously outdated).

COMBI-TICKET (1+2) - 100% Transylvania + JCI EC2023 Bucharest

This package includes everything included in the BE-AMAZED package as well as Belgian Experience at the EC2023 Bucharest. You only need a ticket for your flight...

This package includes a double room to be shared with another participant!